We feel that copyright is central to our roles which include documenting, researching and improving access to our collections. Yet despite all being experienced in the area we still find copyright to be a ‘minefield’ of changing legislation and potential legal ramification. The group will focus on improving its member’s confidence and understanding of the theme of copyright, leading to the development of an online resource which will present copyright information in a simplified and accessible way to the wider museum community. We aim to remove the complexities which sometimes surround the subject.

We will seek to build on our existing knowledge developed throughout our careers by sharing and discussing the issues we face. We feel that limited resources are often our greatest challenge, in contrast to larger organisations with dedicated departments. The group aims to observe best practice in other organisations, create case studies and collate relevant information to encourage the improvement of practice, policy and information management across our own museums and in the wider museum community.

Contact Angela Willis, the PDG lead contact, to find out more.